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Thought creates the illusion of separation, in Reality there is only the One reflecting itself as the many.

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Want something to spread? Try some Grace. Grace is contagious. Pass it on .

ILY is ILY! People were lazy to say I Love You. Not all families were ment to be. Not saying mine is torn apart but I know a lot of other ones that are.

be realistic expect miracles - wayne dyer

I believe in God's/Jesus' miracles: Bible says all things possible with God.and I expect all my prayers to be answered because of my faith, even with miracles.

Shams Tabrizi, Teacher of Rumi

Rumi and his master Shams. resonate with the deep truths hidden in all of us and help us strengthen our conscience & intuition. They can be relied on and trusted.

How to overcome insecurity and become self... | Chatelaine.com

How to overcome insecurity and become self-empowered

Psychiatrists and authors of The Tools, Phil Stutz and Barry Michels, share tips on combating self-doubt, boosting confidence and strengthening your inner authority

Μαμά - γιος: 20 συμβουλές που πρέπει να του δώσετε

Μαμά - γιος: 20 συμβουλές που πρέπει να του δώσετε


I am a citizen of the universe helping to raise the vibration of love on the earth.