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Gemme x segno zodiacale

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This is a very traditional descriptive image of Hermes Trismegistus in Egyptian garb with his distinctive headdress. In his right hand he holds an armillary sphere showing his dominion over astrology, the planets and time. In the left an elaborate caduceus, with two intertwined snakes, surmounted by the sigil of Mercury. He is flanked by the Sun and Moon, and by the pyramids and alchemical vessels, plusthe opening lines of the Emerald Tablet "As Above, so Below".

The author of the book that Cosimo spent thousands of gold florins to find, issuing his secret spies all over Europe and beyond, was Hermes. He was the father of philosophy, alchemy and science.

A representation of Hermes/Mercury, c.1465, showing the god with his attributes, including the caduceus. (British Museum)

A representation of Hermes/Mercury, showing the god with his attributes, including the caduceus.