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The origin of the Ainu people in Japan is unknown and the Ainu speak a language that resembles no other language on Earth. The great majority of the Ainu live on Japan's 2nd largest island, Hokkaido. Ainu are light-skinned. Some have red or brown hair and green or blue eyes. Scientists have not been able to determine where these people came from. According to the Ainu themselves, their ancestors came from the sky, in other words, they are of extraterrestrial origin.

Ainu (a word meaning "human" in the Ainu language), are an ethnic group indigenous to Hokkaido and the northern part of Honshu in Northern Japan, as well as the Kurile Islands and the southern half of Sakhalin Island.


Ainu Ceremonial round dance, resembles the Japanese Bon-Odori (Temple dance in which the departed are commemorated)

Japan – Aino. Cliché print, unknown. Found among Museum keeper Thomsen’s posthumous papers. No. es_b_00526

National Museum of Denmark 팔로우 Aino groups, Japan Japan – Aino. Found among Museum keeper Thomsen’s posthumous papers.