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The Sumerian version of the creation of our Solar System. ​ In the beginning there existed the Sun (Apsu), encircled by the planet Tiamat, and the planet Mercury (Mummu).

AWAKENING FOR ALL: 14 Outstanding Facts About the Anunnaki (video)

14 Outstanding Facts About the Anunnaki (video)

Zecharia Sitchin, Tiamat

The Tiamat Planet Theory was written by Zecharia Sitchin. Sitchin was born in 1922 in Baku Azerbaijan but raised in Palestine. He is a best-selling author promoting the ancient astronaut theory of man

Planet X (Nibiru) Denial

Planet X (Nibiru) Denial

Nibiru Pictures, 2 Moons, Ancient Aliens, Ancient History, Sumerian, Denial, Ufo, Red Dragon, Conspiracy Theories

Human Origins - Nibiru, the Anunnaki and Sumerians [AR Series]

This presentation is part of the Archive Retrospect Series and offers an excellent summation of the Ancient Astronaut Theory. If you are new to the field, th.

Awakened Stasis Giants Secretly Located & Imprisoned by Global Elite by Dr Michael Salla April 2, 2016 website: exopolitics.org

Anunnaki Buzz At Pentagon Says Sumerian Gods Are Returning! Hatonn: Anunnaki Remained On Earth, Since Last Encounter With Nibiru/Marduk; View Sleeping Giant Of Iran! Galactic Federation Of Light Say Anunnaki Left 20 Years Ago