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Александр Угланов

Александр Угланов

Славянский Мир: Всеволод Иванов

The artist Vsevolod Ivanov presents us the Ancient Rus’ as he imagined it. He is deeply convinced that the history of ancient Russia is distorted or fabricated. Ivanov collects old tales and …

Vsevolod Ivanov

Today we have Magical & Myth Russian Folk Paintings by Vsevolod Borisovich Ivanov.Vsevolod Ivanov has always called for the rich history .

Russian Vladimir Kalinin

Russian Vladimir Kalinin

Rhaenys and Meraxes were both killed during the war in 10AL. At Hellholt, in the middle of Dorne's central desert, Meraxes died when a lucky shot with a scorpion-bolt pierced her eye and drove into her brain, instantly killing her in mid-air. Rhaenys presumably died when the dragon plummeted hundreds of feet to the ground - though unsubstantiated rumors (or myths) allege that Rhaenys survived the fall, badly injured, but the Dornish slowly tortured and mutilated her to death in revenge. At…

Earthsea trilogy inspired when the dragon Orm meets his equal in the warrior and wizard Erreth-Akbe done by Rasmus Berggreen

Картинки по запросу всеволод иванов художник

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