Igor Morski is a Polish surreal artist who dwells with paintings, illustrations and photo manipulation. His artwork is beautifully compos.

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These surreal nature-inspired illustrations are by Polish artist Igor Morski. Morski creates surrealist illustrations for magazines, books, posters, and ot

Imaginarium | Igor Morski 1960 | Polish Surrealist painter

Igor Morski, 1960 ~ Surrealist painter

Polish artist Igor Morski has created these brilliant illustrations that are often the centre of controversy!

Surreal World of Igor Morski | Abduzeedo Design Inspiration

Igor Morski is a Polish illustrator & graphic artist with quite a style. I love surreal style artwork and nn this post you will see some pieces from his Nature collection and also his portrait collection.

Posters: 3rd Ludwig Van Beethoven Easter Festival, 1999

Rafal Olbinski, polish poster designer and painter - art posters.

To journey into our paranoid thoughts and feelings without getting significantly paranoid is basic sanity in the courageous crunch. To go into our madness without becoming unhinged is a sign of relatively advanced development. To enter our pain without turning it into suffering is a gift to all beings. To pass into our lovelessness without losing heart is a great art, out of which healing cannot help but arise.-Robert Augustus Masters (Igor Morski 1960)

Igor Morski, 1960 ~ Surrealist painter

IGOR MORSKI is a graphic artist, illustrator & scenographer who was born June 1960 in Poznań, a city in west-central Poland. He has created numerous press illustrations, posters, TV scenographies & logotypes.


This photo montage works extremely well. The wings of the bird balance very well with the rest of the photo. The bird is also tipping one direction while the house is tipping towards the other which creates harmony in the design.