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Sometimes I feel like I act too much, and sometimes I feel like I don't act enough.

I don't know how to show my excitement, especially when one gift is more of a surprise than another. I don't know how to act equally happy, even if I am. I don't want to seem unappreciative, but it just comes across that way.

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Teenager Posts- Like seriously! Maybe a long time ago but now we have bank accounts!maybe not lunch money, but cash anyways!

This is the story of my life summed up in one picture, Very true @Shania Wolf Chishti @Isra De shahid

Teenager Post - I love sleeping in but I hate feeling like I just wasted my day.

Never was for me;)

Oh how the times have changed Well no, through my whole life I've had and have a lot of guy friends

lol........ yeah...  I hate it when that question comes up in interviews.....  I'm just like..."I.. like.. um.."


Teenager Post - I hate the 'tell us about yourself' thing it's so hard like I'm me and I don't even know about me.

So true…

This is literally my life.ALL THE TIME! Teenager Post teenager-posts-relatable-posts-lolsotrue So true

Yep! But that only happens when I am busy doing homework!

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I get those a lot like I'll be sitting then all of a sudden I get the unsuspecting urge to clean no matter what time it is

And what I have to face tomorrow... Me right now

Teenager Post Do you every think about what you have to do tomorrow and then you kinda just want to fall off the earth.


*me at school* -Maturity Level Medium *me alone with friends* -Stupidity level high

Yes!! This is soooooo true I'll  text my sister in the store when I couldn't find her and then I'll find her and be like" WHY DIDN'T YOU TEXT ME?!??!? I JUST HAD A HEART ATTACK!!!!!!" and then she says "I don't have Wi-Fi" and then I just look dumb!

then your run past every isle going mom mom where are you ya gotta be here somewhere. and then you find her and she's like why are you so out of breath.

~Teen Post~ ~Typing~ ~Angry~

TRUEEEE Teenager Posts //Or excited. Or totally in the writing mode.