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Flamingo and Coastal Angelica - Archival Print

Flamingo and Coastal Angelica - Larger Archival Print

Flamingo and Coastal Angelica Michelle Morinart

Birds - watercolor painting

One Kings Lane - Transition for Fall - Michelle Morin, Woods

michelle morin:

Beautiful illustrations by Michelle Morin.

Dodo and Canna Lilies - 11" x 14" Archival Print

Dodo and Canna Lilies - 11" x 14" and 16" x 20" Archival Print

flower bunch with bird michelle morin

coral reef

Coral reef

Love the idea of balancing girly pink with darker colors for a nursery

Gorgeous Watercolor Paintings Contain Intricate Details by Michelle Morin

One Kings Lane - Straight from Nature - Michelle Morin, Cactus Nest

Michelle Morin illustrates different flora and fauna in bright colors and patterns using water color and gouache paint.

Michelle Morin Flora and Fauna print pattern inspiration

Artist painter Michelle Morin breath taking

Jardin de nuit avec des hérons - Archiv...

Night Garden with Herons- Archival Print

"Night Garden with Herons" - Michelle Morin

Michelle Morin

Flamingo and Coastal Angelica - Original painting

Guinea Fowl and Night Blooming Datura print by Michelle Morin

Morin_Bird Sanctuary_watercolor and gouache on paper_18x15

Morin_Bird Sanctuary_watercolor and gouache on

Some fabulous Vacation Bible School pictures from 2peasinapod blog! Some really neat, clever ideas for decorating for VBS!

Add monthly pictures for first bday party

underwater adventures await...

Like the star fish I held in the Bahamas

Why look-a purple seahorse!  Suppose that is better than a purple cow-wait....didn't I see one once?

I love sea Creature! Unlike most sea creatures, sea horses are monogamous for life and are the only species on earth in which the male carry the unborn young. *I love sea creatures*

The Neighbors - Larger Archival Print

Deep Sea Large Archival Print by unitedthread on Etsy,

The Neighbors  - Michelle Morin's primary focus is nature as a subject to reference. She works to convey the beauty and complexities of nature using texture, pattern, and narrative elements throughout her work, which range from elaborate watercolor and gouache compositions on paper to vast and more layered paintings on canvas. Through her travels she continues to seek out inspiration from the natural world while honing in on the unique details that define each place.