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How-to: Bricks in Tunisian Simple Stitch

As promised in my baby vest post, I’ll explain to you how this motif is crocheted. Ch as many as you want to. I chained 20 in this example. Work one row in Tunisian Simple S…

Fancy Stitch (smocking) | Victorian Tunisian crochet stitch pattern.

Fancy Stitch (smocking)

A stitch from S. Caulfeild’s Dictionary of Needlework, p. This one reminds me more strongly of sewn smocking than the other Tunisian smocking stitches I’…

Neat Tunisian crochet stitch pattern -- in Russian, but charted with good pics

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Tunisian moss stitch.  Plus other tunisian variations

Tunesisch stricken Tunisian moss stitch is made by alternate between Tss= tunisian simple stitch and tunisan purl stitch , done in thank you

How to do a Tunisian Basketweave Stitch    For written instructions and more info, visit the blog:      Links to techniques used for this stitch:  Tunisian Crochet Basics:  Tunisian Knit Stitch:  Tunisian Purl St...

how to do the Tunisian Tunisian crochet basket weave stitch, to do this one you have to have the knowledge of the rib stitch, the pearlstitch and the knitt stitch

My Tunisian Crochet: Lace Stitches

Tunisian Purled Knit Stitch (Purled knit shown in bottom half of pic. Top half is one purled knit stitch alternating with one regular knit stitch.

Tunisian crochet rib stitch - uses just the basic & the purl stitches to make the pattern   . . . .   ღTrish W ~  . . . .

Tunisian crochet rib stitch - uses just the basic & the purl stitches to make the pattern DIY craft crochet - House Interior Designs

Tunisian Crochet Cluster Stitch, My Crafts and DIY Projects

Tunisian Crochet Cluster Stitch

Watch how to crochet the Tunisian cluster stitch (video and written instructions)