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253 Black and White WWII Photos (32 photos)

Task Force 58 raid on Japan. guns firing aboard USS HORNET on 16 February as the carrier’s planes were raiding Tokyo. Note expended shells and ready-service ammunition at right. (Navy) – Note the shells on ground.


Cutaway Drawing (diagramas em 3D de maquinas mostrando partes internas) [FOTOS]

USS Iowa fires a full broadside of nine and six cal guns during a target exercise near Vieques Island, Puerto Rico, on 1 July Shock waves are visible in the water (Photo Source: US Navy)

Photo: Paratroopers of the U.S. 1st Airborne Division land near Wesel, Germany on March 24, 1945.

Robert Capa © International Center of Photography GERMANY. Near Wesel. March American paratroopers landing in Germany.

Cartaz Guerra Poster Propaganda Publicidade

a propaganda aliada na ii guerra mundial

December 277 World War 2 Posters, Amazing Propaganda Posters page 2

Tuskegee Airmen

The Tuskegee Airmen were the African American military aviators in the United States armed forces


Last picture of the TItanic leaving Queenstown (Cobh), Ireland on her maiden voyage to New York, April 1912 how eerie

black soldier stationed in france during world war II.

black soldiers stationed in france during world war II. inscription reads "to nelson, always my ace, lucky".pent this before but this soldier reminds me of Ludacris :)

World war 2. This makes me want to cry...

Standing in the grassy sod bordering row upon row of white crosses in an American cemetery, two dungaree-clad Coast Guardsmen pay silent homage to the memory of a fellow Coast Guardsman who lost his life in action in the Ryukyu Islands

Fotos Reais CENSURADAS e PROIBIDAS da Segunda Guerra Mundial | ENTRANANET - PORTAL

and fly in formation during surrernder ceremoneis, Tokyo, Japan - USS Missouri left foreground - Sept 1945