Flowers for you

Andy wants Lilac trees bordering our backyard fence line. Can't wait to finish our back yard project so we can enjoy summer evenings in our backyard ❤️

Lovely Lotus Flowers


August - This is my heart opening to give and receive love. The open willing heart is indescribably beautiful and draws others in to experience acceptance and joy, it creates safety and allows for harmony and honesty.

lilacs gorgeous and so beautifully fragrant

We had two large lilac trees beside our house, in Petrolia, when I was young. We would pick the flowers to enjoy inside, as well. What a beautiful flower; what an amazing scent.



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A beautiful new pink Calla Lily that makes a deluxe patio pot plant or also suitable for the front of the border, producing an gorgeous pink flowers


We had a huge lilac bush next to our little house when I was growing up in Michigan. I loved to breathe in that divine scent! I love lilacs!

Композиции : Букет Lovely, цветы из полимерной глины - Fito Art

Композиции : Букет Lovely, цветы из полимерной глины - Fito Art