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Gargoyles are sculptured creatures that are used as rain spouts; any other sculptured creatures on buildings are called grotesques.

Gargoyle on Blue, University of Chicago

Jamie Manley - Gorgoyle on Blue. ( Gorgoyle on top of the Anatomy Building at UoChicago.

Eastern State Grotesque Carson

Eastern State Penitentiary's Gargoyles Carson (pictured) Frank have returned every halloween since 2005 to guard Philadelphia's most fearsome haunted experience, "Terror Behind The Walls." They are 6 feet tall weigh 300 pounds each.

Foto gratis: Gárgula, Fonte, Parque, Água - Imagem gratis no Pixabay - 190689

Imagem gratis no Pixabay - Gárgula, Fonte, Parque, Água

the guardian gargoyle, i like the position of this one for my tattoo

gargoyle silhouette

gargoyle silhouette