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Humans are weird : like space orcs or sth.... space australians

Humans are weird/space orcs- space australians- Australians to aliens with 'space australians' as slang for humans; also, space crocodile hunter

And if you're living on a budget, remember that store brands are usually just as good as the name brand stuff, plus a lot cheaper

Tumblr: shoutout to people with OCs. This post truly lifted my soul and heart on my stories and characters especially. Bless this person who wrote this. Truly encouraging. (´∀`)

Never have I related to such a deep and beautifully passionate post like this ❤️

Humans are Weird: The Enterprise

Humans are Weird: The Enterprise. Humans from an alien perspective

Clifford the big red dog...THE MOVIE! I NEED THIS. Do I hear a fandom forming?

Clifford the Big Red Dog -- This is great. This is my childhood dream. Can this be a thing? I would personally start a movement of children from the Big Red Dog childhood to back whoever wrote this and put it in the avengers.