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Choose a Spirit Pokemon.

Which Pokemon Type are You?

this is more awesome than I know how to express. Handheld Nintendo 64. I NEED this.<--- where do I but this?!!!!!!

Just a handheld N64.

Handheld Nintendo 64 - The inclusion of a GameCube stick seals the deal for us.

How Pokemon live inside their Pokeballs. Cute. :P


Life inside a Pokeball. Did anyone notice nurse joy sleeping with pikachu in the ultra ball?

Pokemon go teams redrawn

^_^ I may be Mystic but you gotta love Instinct and Valor - they all look so cool! Instinct looks amazing in the third row. thanks Mystic Trainer! you tail is pretty fab btw :D

I don't like Pokemon, but their outfits are awesome

Arendelle Confirmed as Next Pokémon Region

Arendelle as Next Pokémon Region (Frozen x Pokemon mashup) Mash ups, srsly my favorite things ever.

Brock's Eyes Are Handy

Brock's Eyes Are Handy

Lucy (Gen 3 Battle Frontier) likes Brock's eyes! Yes someone who takes interest in Brock!

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