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Springtrap hoody by BlasticHeart on @DeviantArt

(Open RP I be my OC) Purple guy:How do I look? Purple guy:is really that bad? *Lindsey laughing really hard* Purple guy:*sigh* hurry up, anyway. You know how Freddys gets *slight grin on his face*

Wolfy's story by BlasticHeart on deviantART

FNAF oc named Wolfy. He's a chef, and had a malfunction similar to Foxy

Some of the FNaF animatronics

Drawing © Me FNaF © Scott Cawthon/Games<<<<little to much shade on toy Bonnie's eyes I think their looking down at Chica's butt /or/ her lower back.

here's a giant buttload of feels for you. I'm just trying not to cry!!!!!!!!!<< CAN'T REPIN THIS ENOUGH

:Lost [FNaF AU Comic] Page 2 :. by Ailurophile-Chan on DeviantArt. So many feels.

Five nights at Freddy's comic - mike lost it

Five nights at Freddy's comic - mike lost it Honey/me: Mike, really? I get payed that much and I don't blow a brick 'bout it.

Five Nights at Freddy's You Can't - god dang it Vincent, just specify!!

Five Nights at Freddy's: Image Gallery

This made my friends crack up. It also made two people REALLY want the FNAF games.

Lol this is me and my friend when I tell her something XD

Even Trump is offended by this

.: Lost [FNaF AU Comic] Page 4 :. by Ailurophile-Chan on DeviantArt

Updated on 29 February 2016 The reason why Spring Bonnie suddenly stopped working, is cause his systems were malfunctioning it does happen from time to .:Lost [FNaF AU Comic] Page 2 :.