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A great deal of Jung’s psychotherapy dealt with the interpretation of individual mandalas created by his patients.-Carl Jung’s Psychological Diagnosis Using Mandalas – Fractal Enlightenment

ILLUMINATING MANUSCRIPT: “It could pass for a Bible rendered by a medieval monk,” art critic Peter Frank said of The Red Book. It just happens that Jung’s art is “dedicated not to the glory of God or king, but to that of the human race.

All of the images from The Red Book by Carl Jung

The Sacred Round: Mandalas by the Patients of Carl Jung, features 40 original mandalas created between 1926 and February 5 through May 2012 at the Oglethorpe University Museum of Art, in Atlanta, Georgia.

Jung's painting titled, "Septem Sermones ad Mortuous" - completed around 1918 while working on the Red Book

The Master Of Dream Therapy Himself Surreptitiously Authored A Secret Book Filled With His Own Ruminations, Dreams, And Hallucinogenic Drawings.

Jung's Red Book - 88

All of the images from The Red Book by Carl Jung

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King Wen Mandalas Mandalas to Color a mandala to color. significance of mandalas. ink mandalas available on Animal+mandalas+to+c.

Kristine Mann

Mandala painted by Kristine Mann while in analysis with Carl Jung

On the Nature of Four - Jung’s Quarternity, Mandalas, the Stone and the Self. Jung believes that his mandalas were “cryptograms” of the state of the self as it was on the day the mandala was created.