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busty girl problems.

I wish I could wear button downs but they NEVER fit (like this week's stitchfix). They have to be HUGE to sit right over the boobs but then are too big on shoulders and stomach. Don't bother sadly *wishes I could but oh well* busty girl problems.

I remember working at Charlotte the first year. I left work on Halloween, everything was fine. I opened on November 1st, Christmas music. By the time Christmas actually got here, I wanted to shoot myself! Okay, maybe that's a little extreme, but there's nothing worse than Christmas pop.

"And when the clock strikes midnight, Halloween will end.then BAM! Christmas carols everywhere." - You tell 'em Fairy Godmother. Christmas carols will be playing in no time like bippity boppity boo, and I love it!

all of the time!! I love this comic because it makes me not hate my boobs as much.

This is the worst part of being a busty girl. I have permanent shoulder dents. <- I thought it was just me! So freaking annoying.

When are you due?    (This is the 50th comic! I’m working on publishing the first 100 comics so I’ll be posting more info about that soon.)

busty girl problems- I'm not pregnant, it's the shirt! Story of my life!

On how I can SOMETIMES relate to a cat.

Funny pictures about Why I am like a cat. Oh, and cool pics about Why I am like a cat. Also, Why I am like a cat.


Busty Girl Comics, drawn by Paige Halsey Warren, outline the perks and problems that come along with an ample bosom. Here are some of our faves: Image source BustyGirlComics.