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If you are a tattoo lover so, here we have collected most creative and cool tattoo designs for your inspiration. You can get ideas from this collection.

Illusion d'optique : ce tatouage en 3D va vous retourner le cerveau

Tony Booth, a tattoo artist and owner of Dabs Tattoo in Southport, England, has successfully made a man appear as if he's an android.

My tattoos are my hopes, my dreams, my friends and family...why would I ever regret them?

WORDS TO LIVE BY! I have chosen my tattoos carefully. Look closely. As tools, they may grant you a glimpse into the human I am. Equally, they may shield me from what you are if you cannot see beyond the colors inked into my skin.

such an unusual skull tattoo and i love the use of negative space

100 Awesome Skull Tattoo Designs

Tattoo Artist - Florian  Karg  - eyes tattoo

Tattoo Artist - Florian Karg - eyes tattoo

That's really disgusting and weird, but I have to say it's a damn good tattoo

Head Tattoos - Eye Tattoo - Best Tattoos Ever - Tattoo by John Anderton - 07

Ripped Skin Tattoos (33)

40 Cool And Amazing Ripped Skin Tattoos

Celtic Leather Armor - Upperarm and Shoulder Tattoo Wallpaper from GREAT TATTOOS. This "leather armor"and its Celtic knotwork looks relistic. It's an amazing tattoo, well done.

Leon                                                                                                                                                     Más

Lion Wrist Tattoo - GoTattooIdeas-Take a look at this awesome lion wrist tattoo. This may be a small wrist tattoo, but it sure does pack a lot of punch. Its a very detailed and well done tat

99+ Masculine Tattoo Designs for Men and Guys

Sketchy Man Holding Earth Tattoo Design

The best tattoo idea in sketch style. A man holding the whole Earth on his shoulder. This tattoo means strength, struggle and power.