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Aries and libra are almost legit the same So wait. Aries and libra should go on a date, that way both will be happy😉

Im gonna start a war

None of my signs are too evil I guess. I suppose I try and make things better, perhaps it is my failings that make me truly evil.

I'm not nice to everyone. If you approach me I will seem annoyed

I'm aries

Me too… I.think Gemini and Capricorn got switched. Although I think it's more Cap treats u way worse!


Zodiac Signs as the 12 Olympian Gods: Cancer Zodiac Sign ♋ - Aphrodite.>> I'm Pisces Aries cusp.

Gemini and most of my family are libra's... And my bestie is a Pisces @poojaaj2002

Gemini and most of my family are libra's. And my bestie is a Pisces and most every one in my family is a Capricorn but my best friend/cousin is a Leo