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U never know what Woman keep in their bags...& Men. Where would u keep this?

Purse with teeth - Nancy Fouts. Where can I add teeth in my stuff?

teddies in jars!  Obviously not really safe for a kids collection.  But the idea for any small items collected by adults could be useful.

When you get too old for your stuffed animals just preserve them for a creepy awesome Halloween decoration! (Use up old pickle jars!

Strange Clothes & Weird Fashion

Imágenes Graciosas

"Flip-Flops" for the Fish Lover! So basically, the fish lovers wear dead fish around on their feet, uh, hello

Pequeñas personas, little people

Such a small world

Funny pictures about Such a small world. Oh, and cool pics about Such a small world. Also, Such a small world photos.

I followed this link and was taken to a list of intriguingly odd items.

HELL NO! When that thing poops down your cleavage you will be changing your fashion! Forget about carrying your dog in a purse. Dutch artist Cecilia Valentine has come up with a conceptual capsule collection of accessories th.

Najluđi japanski pronalasci  - Dobre priče | Dobre priče

Protects your hair when you eat. because getting food in your hair would just look ridiculous.Yes, when I eat I always flail around and get food in my hair, this is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen!

beauty indeeeed  check out the barbie skirt waaa

Barbie skirts are setting unrealistic standards of fashion. View "Girl Wears Skirt Made of Barbie Dolls" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor

With smiles like that they must be...stoned by TruShu, via Flickr  This is truly bizarre

Stone sculpture by Hirotoshi Itoh, Keiko Gallery . How can one not smile at Hirotoshi Itoh's rock sculptures. From zippered rocks contain.

12 Coolest Facts About Dreams - Oddee.com

12 Coolest Facts About Dreams - cool dream facts, facts about dreaming

Until we begin to peel back the layers of our personalities the idea of finding yourself will remain an abstract concept. Seek within ~Luce Cannon

Opening your bottles will be nothing less than a royal encounter once you use this Bronze Skull Bottle Opener by Jac Zagoory.

Bronze Skull Bottle Opener by Jac Zagoory

Open a bottle in style with this Bronze Hand Cast Bottle Opener. Two skulls with bones will Bite through the toughest of Bottle Caps. Teeth marks may be left behind. these are hand made items so there may be slight variations in the finish on each piece.

@ Michelle Perkins  they look like mini walkers / towers!!!!Crazy Heels

One of ther weirdest pair of shoes ever created. Designed for short people, High Chair Shoes can make you look taller as the heels sports three scaffolding base to elevate its wearer over 6 inches above the ground.

Metal zipper friendly monster change purses - why didn't I pick up those metal zippers in Toronto on Monday???! Time for another trip, lol!!! These are CUTE, and I have lots of scrap denim to use :) LARGE version of the photo here - http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-JhFPKASa7jA/TpQyUG7LQOI/AAAAAAAAA2s/38dlHbVWkwE/s1600/P1020047.JPG


Metal zipper friendly monster change purses These are CUTE, and I have lots of scrap denim to use :)

Plastic Bottle Zipper Change Purse  This is a Great Ideal for a little gift easy to do and cost is very do able !

Plastic Bottle Zipper Change Purse

Plastic Bottle Zipper Change Purse - to hold gaming pieces, dice etc. There are mini mani sets and make-up for the girls!