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I'm tempted to do this whenever I order from now on.

"Who the hell orders pizza under the name of Torchwood?" // I remember this episode of Torchwood! lol Jack gets after Ianto for ordering pizza under Torchwood. <-- It wasn't Ianto, it was Owen who was ordering the pizzas.

“There’s a lot of things you can do with a stopwatch.”

"There's lots of things you can do with a stopwatch. Ianto and Jack writing a paper on Torchwood making my English teacher watch this episode :)

Torchwood and Doctor Who

when i first saw this episode i was like yeah ok cool space pig but then i realized then i fucking realized Toshiko Sato met the Doctor before Jack did and she didn’t even fucking know it WE GOT A.

Love Iantos face in the last bit.

Torchwood<< I love Ianto's face in the last one. He completely agrees that Barbra wasn't quite right.

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Okay do Twilight fans know how to write in an entirely different language? Does Twilight have a fez and a bow tie? Does Twilight have the hair? Lord no

Difference between doctorwho and Torchwood

Difference between doctorwho and Torchwood << Seems like you missed one hella lot of Doctor Who 'cause this is one of the few episodes where the Doctor is able to save every single person

Welcome to the BBC, we have twelve actors three writers and ten props. Ah, England!

The BBC, ladies and gentlemen.<-- Am I the only one that thinks, if there is ever a special where this happens, that Peter NEEDS to play old Sherlock! But I would love the Doctor to meet Sherlock<---they need to make a SuperWhoLock TV show

I'm sad now, I never knew what those names meant before... :(

Doctor Who quote from The Stolen Earth. Gwen and Ianto :)

The 35 Greatest Easter Eggs From The "Doctor Who" 50th Anniversary

The 35 Greatest Easter Eggs From The "Doctor Who" Anniversary. Also Matt's shocked and appalled face is adorable.

But, lets be honest, it was one of the few logical things in the entire show! Maybe thats the point why we all were so suprised.


His face is great. And is it just me or does it say "Snapes Hair" on the sign in the background?

Yeah dont skip it.

For everyone who skips the Ninth Doctor. Don't be a poo. Watch season it right now it's amazing<<<Exactly. Don't not watch it, be awesome and watch it because Season One is awesome.