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Mary Pickford and friends

Mary Pickford and friends

Charles Lindbergh & a kitty.

35 Cats with totally cool cat marking

Charles Lindbergh-Charles Lindbergh's cat Patsy occasionally accompanied him on flights (though not on the flight that made him famous).

#CelebCats#FamousCats|#Edwin Hubble, astronomer and cat lover.

10 Cats who made Hilariously Poor Decisions

Edwin Hubble, astronomer and cat lover.Edwin Hubble and Copernicus the cat

James Mason - among classic Hollywood actors, he gets extra brownie points for being a cat-lover.  :)

Just Funny Photos Of Cats Sitting Like Humans

James Mason - among classic Hollywood actors, he gets extra points for being a cat-lover. He and his wife, Pamela Mason, co-authored the book "The Cats in Our Lives.

Drew with cat

Drew Barrymore - 'Cat's Eye', Written by Stephen King and directed by Lewis Teague.

Fonda's.  Born Henry Jaynes Fonda 16 May 1905, Grand Island, Nebraska. Died 12 August 1982, Los Angeles, California. Born Peter Henry Fonda, 23 February 1940, New York. Born Lady Jayne Seymour Fonda, 21 December 1937  New York

The Fonda's, Henry, Peter and Jane. Father, son and daughter. I think Jane looks much more like her father than Peter does.