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Egyptian Elder Thing

Daryl Toh brings us this curious archaeological find from an unidentified Egyptian tomb- a shabti that appears to depict an Elder Thing.

Old Ones

"The things once rearing and dwelling in this frightful masonry in the age of dinosaurs were not indeed dinosaurs, but far worse. Mere dinosaurs were ne. The Elder Thing

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“A fragmentary stone artifact found among the personal belongings of Nikola Tesla after his death in The artifact is believed to depict an &. The Elder Artifact

Cthulhu sculpture in LCG: Bag of Cthulhu

Cthulhu sculpture in LCG: Bag of Cthulhu

The Legrasse Idol in the Cthulhu Shop, the shopping guide for cultists - www.cthulhushop.com

Greg Onychuk brings us this excellent Cthulhu idol . I really like how the unpainted resin cast mimics the look of polished marble.

Cthulhu Fhtagn! Diamond Select Edition.

Cthulhu Gargoyle Vinyl Bank - Diamond Select - Cthulhu - Banks at Entertainment Earth

H.P. Lovecraft - Mound Builder Cthulhu by zombiequadrille on deviantART

Mound Builder Cthulhu - H. Lovecraft Catalogued as - “Mound Builder Cthulhu” in the collection of Sir Albert Arnold Mill.

Cthulhu Art

CTHULHU VITRUVIAN by John Ossoway - Commission to create an illustration based on Leonardo DaVinci’s famous Vitruvian Man to serve as a prop in a roleplaying game.

Yuletide Ktulu Relic by *JasonMcKittrick on deviantART

"Discovered in Kingsport, Massachusetts after reports of bizarre sightings and occurrences on Christmas night, Item measures x I sculpted .

The Monolith of Cthulhu

The Monolith of Cthulhu

Laboratorio FX brings us this full sized Cthulhu monolith from the upcoming Spanish film "Sandra Munt".

Mammoth Tusk Cthulhu Idols by JasonMcKittrick.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Three Paleolithic era Cthulhu Idols carved from mammoth tusk discovered by Prof. Graham in (Each Measures: x Part of a collection Mammoth Tusk Cthulhu Idols

Cthulhu Idol - meatspider

Meatspider's Cthulhu Idol draws on Venus Figurines for real cult vibe