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Memling Hans: Flemish school (Seligenstadt, active by 1465 - 1494 Bruges) - Saint John Altarpiece (Left Wing) detail 1474-79

MEMLING, Hans St John Altarpiece (detail) Oil on oak panel Memlingmuseum, Sint-Janshospitaal, Bruges

Rogier van der Weyden, The Lamentation  1460-80

WEYDEN, Rogier van der Lamentation The white one is interesting, hanging sleeves? And is that gold one the same garment worn underneath?

Maria Portinari (Maria Maddalena Baroncelli, born 1456) Hans Memling

Maria Portinari (Maria Maddalena Baroncelli, born Hans Memling (also spelled Memlinc; 1430 – 11 August was a German-born painter who moved to Flanders and worked in the tradition of Early Netherlandish painting.

Andrea Solario - Salome with the Head of Saint John the Baptist    Solario (c.1465 - 1524) worked in Milan after 1493, and in 1507 was invited to France, where he decorated a chapel at Château Gaillon for Cardinal Georges d'Amboise, Archbishop of Rouen.

Andrea Solari Salome receives the Head of St John the Baptist, - oil on panel; 57 cm, W. 47 cm, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Portrait of Maria Portinari - Piero della Francesca

Hans Memling, portrait of Maria Portinari (Maria Maddalena Baroncelli, born c. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

Prowess and Boldness. Jean de Courcy, Alain Chartier, Romon Lull, Christine de Pisan , Le chemin de Vaillance, and other texts (see Notes below for contents). Netherlands, S. (Bruges); Last quarter of the 15th century, before 1483. Medieval Imago & Dies Vitae Idade Media e Cotidiano

Prowess and Boldness. Before What is interesting to me is that the women seem to have their heads shaved back to the crown.

Ганс Мемлинг - Триптих Вильяма Мореля, левое крыло: основатель Вильям Морель со святым покровителем Вильгельмом де Малеваль и пятью сыновьями, 1484

Triptych of the Family Moreel (left wing) 1484 Painted by: Hans Memling Location: Groeninge Museum, Bruges, Belgium Year: 1484

Detail of second portrait of Hypsipylé, first wife of Jason, from Octavien de Saint-Gelais (b. 1468-d. 1502), translation of Ovid's Epistulae heroidum, Cognac, 1496-1498, Manuscripts Department, Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Western Section, Fr. 875, Parchment

Epistulae Heroidum, Detail of second portrait of Hypsipyle, first wife of Jason, miniature, Bibliothèque nationale de France (BNF).