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I think these decorative garden stakes would look great in our yard. My wife and I were just saying that our front yard needed some sprucing up. I like that this one has multiple layers!

Dancing Pinwheel Windmill

DANCING PINWHEEL WINDMILL The summer breeze will dance in your yard or garden when captured by this gorgeous iron windmill. The spinning petals stand seven feet tall and create a wind-powered spectacle of style.

I would love to get some wagon wheels for decorating my yard.  The rustic country look is one of my favorites.  I have also seen a lot of DIY projects involving these wheels that look like they would be a lot of fun.

I love incorporating vintage wooden wagon wheels into design. Usually that means using them as a garden decoration, but there are so many other good ideas here. A mason jar chandelier would make a fun DIY project the next time I pick up a spare wheel.

patio or porch lighting <3. mason jars, chains, part of a ladder

Pottery Barn Inspired Ladder Lantern Hanger- use an old ladder and mason jars for patio lighting.hmm, I have the ladder and old mason jars.

Eagle Strength Water Fountain

Eagle Strength Water Fountain

Is this really a lantern? I like it, it's unique. It has a stained-glass feel to it. Maybe we should get this for my office. I like getting cute things.

I've never seen such a decorative lantern before. I'm not too big on having a hanging lantern, but I know my sister loves these.---decorative hanging lanterns / hanging candle lanterns for sale

Fiesta Color Stripes Hammock

There is nothing more picturesque and lovely than swinging in a hammock under a shady tree on a nice summer day. I need to get one for my backyard ASAP, especially one so colorful like this.

I want to get a fountain like this that runs off of solar power. I don't want to be replacing batteries for a fountain all of the time or have it plugged into my house. My wife has been wanting a garden fountain for a while so I will have to show her a few of the ones that I have been looking at.

I have a friend that has a garden fountain almost identical to this. I think the best combination is a water fountain statue and a flower garden.

Great under a sofa table or by the fire place... I love these statues... a bit hige priced but a beauty....Hound Dog Statue | Dog Statues | Dog Garden Statues

This friendly hound dog statue is pointing to the prey assisting the bird hunt. For more dog statues visit Antique Farmhouse.

Solar Lighted Lanterns | The Lakeside Collection

When you have this Solar Lighted Lantern, you won't have to go inside when it gets dark. The lantern contains a string of shapes caged within the frame. A solar panel on top of the lantern collects energy during the day to illuminate the shapes at night