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Hiroyuki Wakimoto

Hiroyuki Wakimoto

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Hiroyuki Wakimoto contemporary Bizen pottery show

Functional - M Street Potters, Larry Elardo

I have been building sagger fired work and vessels employing the "naked raku" process

Bizen ceramists Wakimoto Hiroyuki (Japanese:1952) - Testament 14

Hiroyuki Wakimoto Testaments Japanese Bizen Ceramics inspired by the American Southwest wood-fired ceramic vase/sculpture x x

Japanese artist, Mihara Ken experiments with multiple firing techniques of his ceramics. More details on his technique can be found at the Toku-art site. See Blogroll for a link under Mihara Ken. | Decanted

MIHARA Ken Sekki Kodo - Undulating vessel with surface colorations, 2012 Unglazed multi-fired stoneware 14 x 11 x 9 in.