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Twin flames and soul mates sometimes affect our lives in ways we thought were impossible. Bringing in depth of emotion and dimensions that cause lots of energetic and life changes. The important thing to remember is that your life is a blessing and amazing when you are grounded, and love yourself-with or without your twin soul. For more guidance message me and have a complete and comprehensive understanding of why this person emerged and the key points of moving on. For some this involves…

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Door of Material Transcendence by Venishi

Psychedelic Music, Art and Culture.

Kohei Nawa Board

Kohei Nawa

By covering the skin of taxidermy animals with transparent glass spheres, sculptor Kohei Nawa magnifies the underlying surface and distorts the surrounding light to create a pixilated “husk of ligh…

A collection of my new ceramic flowers that made their debut on Saturday.

2014 Garden Art Show a Success!

Saatchi Art Artist Nenad Marasovic; Painting, "Piece of meat" #art

Piece of meat Painting by Nenad Marasovic

View Nenad Marasovic’s Artwork on Saatchi Art. Find art for sale at great prices from artists including Paintings, Photography, Sculpture, and Prints by Top Emerging Artists like Nenad Marasovic.

Ken Currie is one of Scotland’s most influential artists. His work deals with how the human body is affected by illness, aging and injury, as well as with social, political and philosophical issues.

Ken Currie

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Winston Torr is a contemporary portrait "Porträt" young art artist painter "künstler maler" in Berlin Germany and Los Angeles who was born in Toronto Canada and background extends to Chinese Korean and Mongolian.

LE DERRIÈRE CRI  From the feature Gescheidt (1926-2012)

Le Derrière Cri

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