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Chicken Dance, lol - Maybe not at weddings, but I wonder about sports games.

" I don't NEED a warrant!"

This chook seems to be a LOT like the clucky bantam I have at the moment.

My kind of humor... Whahahaha! Want some wings?

The pin doesn't pertain to the info (but it was better than other pins I had to choose from). The info is great. 11 Ways to Kill Garden Weeds from Reader's Digest. I'm trying one of these today.

I have no willpower. Asking me to stop buying books is like asking a chocoholic to stop eating Hershey's. http://fancytemplestore.com

Eat More of These 25 Foods and Lose Weight

Willpower is a myth. asking me not to buy books is like asking me to stop buying toilet paper.


'Now do you believe me?