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My Dear God!!!

Octoberfest in Munich .waitress competition in carrying mugs of beer.one is is holding 15 mugs in her hands in each hand + 5 on top.some women can hold up to 20 mugs!

Happiest good and time to enjoy and socialize.

Oktoberfest has somewhat strayed from its roots. The first festival in 1810 was thrown to celebrate the marriage of German Crown Princ.


As our VIP guest, your premium Oktoberfest Brisbane 2014 experience includes a range of unique advantages for you and your friends that will have you yodelling from the hills of Bavaria for weeks after.

Oktoberfest Turns 200

Oktoberfest Turns 200 - Photo Essays

The world's largest folk festival kicks off in Munich

Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany 2015: Practical Stuff You Need to Know

Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany 2017: What You Need to Know

Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany: A guide to everything you need to know about the world's largest beer festival including 2015 dates and tent recommendations!

Great German Beers Gather on Oktoberfest: Worlds Biggest Beer Fest Begins http://www.oktoberfesthaus.com

Oktoberfest: World's Biggest Beer Fest Begins

“ Reasons why…Germany, you must stand up and protect what culture you have left…… Oktoberfest Women dressed for Oktoberfest Beer And many amazing pork based foods…. And beer… And women.

The REASON to go to Oktoberfest is the delicious and refreshing beer....and I'm sticking to that!

We've just released more seats for sale on our 5 day opening weekend Oktoberfest trip!

Make-up schlicht und Rosatöne verwenden // Quelle: Fotolia. |  S❤

Make-up schlicht und Rosatöne verwenden // Quelle: Fotolia. | S❤

23 Dinge, die nur in einer Beziehung mit einer Kellnerin passieren