Oil Suncatcher...baby oil on construction paper, easy and pretty activity for the kiddos.  Sunday School?

Art club-Oil on construction paper sun-catchers. Construction paper in various colors Marker Baby oil Water Cotton swabs

Paper Towel Butterflies- easy to make, fun to play with, and would make adorable decorations/favors for a party or kids room. Keep the potential mess from being stressful by doing this outside, on the grass, or using a big plastic tablecloth!  Kids would love this!

Kid Craft Project: Paper Towel Butterflies - we used to use coffee filters and paint, but I like this idea much better!

Thumbprint tree

Finger print tree (free template) nice for wedding, also great for family reunions.

Transform a paper plate into a friendly shark!

"paper plate shark craft - perfect for a 4 year old learning about this ocean at school" .or college students who like sharks.

Painting with M & M's

Hey Barkett Barkett Williams if this wouldn't be so messy, it'd be perfect for our lesson! Painting with M's- 5 senses lesson. Students sort M's into different cups by their color, then just add water! Watch the water turn the color of the M's!

color war eggs maybe??

Throw paint-filled eggs at canvas I WANNA DO THIS! Or pin paint filled balloons onto a canvas and use darts to pop the balloons to make art! (I got the balloon idea from princes diaries)

Suncatcher craft for kids made from glue, food coloring, and recycled plastic lids BABBLE DABBLE DO

It's cosmic madness!

Suncatcher craft for kids made from glue, food coloring, and recycled plastic lids BABBLE DABBLE DO fun kids crafts, kid ideas, kids diy ideas

coffee filter, liquid water colors, droppers, cut shapes, dry, draw lines = leaves

The Chocolate Muffin Tree: Tie Dye Coffee Filter Fall Leaves. Great project for kids. Do this for Easter eggs, Christmas trees or ornaments.

triangle and circle owl art project - so cute!!

DIY Cut Paper Shape Owls - I'm thinking I could even do this art project !

Recipe for floam! Who didn't love playing with this stuff?

recipe for FLOAM!--rainy day craft for the 5 year olds that we are! :) Got to do this and let out my inner 5 year old !

How to make bubble paint, a fun art activity for preschoolers.

let's get messy! Paint & dish soap - blow bubbles w straw until the bubbles go over cup onto paper. Pop the bubbles

Great kids craft ideas to keep you busy all year - this is the most comprehensive collection of ALL our crafts made over the last 6yrs and you will find well over 300 ideas to pick from - all listed with links and a small image for easy browsing. Kids Crafts Sorted

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