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Jules Dupré - Landscape by moonlight - 1852 oil on canvas, × cm × in) National Museum in Warsaw, Poland Jules Dupré (April French painter, was one of the.

Constant Troyon | The Barbizon school of painters

Constant Troyon

Constant Troyon, "The Return", undated, oil on wood - Huntington Museum of Art.

File:La Mare aux chenes-Jules Dupre-IMG 8353.JPG

Jules Dupre: "La Mare aux chenes", oil on canvas, Musée d'Orsay.

Le Noir C'Est Mieux Choisi. William Pether, "Moonlit river scene with a ruined gothic church".

arcadiainteriorana: “Moonlit River Scene with a Ruined Gothic Church William Pether Oil on canvas, 61 x 73 cm.