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At World’s End: 25 Post-Apocalyptic Artistic Visions | WebUrbanist

These 25 sobering examples of post-apocalyptic art serve to remind the living that what remains are more often ruins.

35 Extraordinary “End of The World” Inspired Artworks

35 Extraordinary “End of The World” Inspired Artworks

mission-briefing: “ madcat-world: “Dubai Ruins- Jonas de Ro ” After the Great Collapse and the Recycle, the shining jewel in the desert is now a mostly abandoned remnant of the past.

A Brexit could spell a mass exodus of EU workers because they'd fail immigration rules LIANNA BRINDED MAY 6, 2016,

The vote revealed that Britain is a severely divided nation.

Motor City, Seungjin Woo on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/motor-city

ArtStation - Motor City, Seungjin Woo - This concept helps me think of how a abandoned Commonwealth planet might look. This colony would now be a fringe world.


“ Stark Photorealistic Paintings of Post-Apocalyptic Landscapes Visions of post-apocalyptic worlds by Polish artist Michal Karcz.