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Rail bike

Rail Bike makes playing on abandoned rail tracks fun again

Ha ha ha. Only in Russia. Trans-Siberian railroad. This is a great set up for following some R.R. tracks and getting where you need to at the quick pace, if done right! Not a bad idea at all!

Only in Russia - If things ever go to shit here in USA, I can learn from this experience of Russian necessity. Note to self : without rear view bicycle mirrors my neighbor in his tracked vehicle, by subtlety, will soon acquire my residence.

Tandem Railbike Design Patent Pending Railbike Tours, Inc.

Rail bikes--Excellent method of transportation off the main roads. However, you are tied to the tracks and cannot run from harm w/o losing all your gear.

On abandoned rail lines only!

Rail biking… Holy wanderlust instigator!

biketrain - This would be awesome

Customized Railway Track Bicycle Unusual Bicycle Designs You will Love to Ride…

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Rail bikes are ordinary bicycles with special attachments that allow them to be ridden directly on train rails. It’s a cool concept that allows a bunch of people to pedal on the rail track while exploring. Unlike regular rail transport, which.