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Truth be told

No other developed country in the world has "for profit" health insurance. Nixon understood it was a biased "scam" when he instituted our insurance system.

We have to end oligarchy & the only way forward is to elect Bernie Sanders.  Let's make this primary count, make sure everyone you know is registered to vote in it.  Bernie Sanders, the President We Need!

"We are now in a free fall toward old-fashioned oligarchy - that noxious, thieving, tyrannical, oppressive species of government that America's original settlers fled Europe to escape." - Robert F.

Does anyone even read the congressional record ??  The oppressed middle & lower class in the US only votes for change every 4 years...but change happens every time a vote is put to the floor !

Vote to make sure liars like this are gone! Senate controlled be the Demoncraps are our problem! Vote the Demoncrap liars out!

~ Elizabeth Warren

Wealth trickles up. When low income people get a raise, it is spent, thereby rolled back into our economy. When a rich person gets more, they are shifting it to offshore accounts or hidden away in savings.

Healthcare: Sanders vs Paul

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Healthcare: Sanders vs Paul It hardly seems fair. In a battle of wits, Rand Paul is basically unarmed!




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So the question is ... What have we done to ensure these pointless deaths don't occur again? NOT A DAMN THING! As long as a few can make a profit by cutting corners and taking advantage of other people without repercussions, innocent people will suffer and die to maintain a profit.

In 2016 remember: Republicans defend the capitalism must be UNREGULATED.

The voter purge is bad enough, but now he's just trying to kill off his constituents! Will we survive long enough to vote this jerk OUT??

Governor of Florida Rick Scott is the worst Governor in decades, although Michigan's governor, IMHO, is just as bad (Flint River's toxic water has poisoned Flint's children!

Join Bernie Sanders in his fight to save the Affordable Care Act ~ February 25, 2017 March in city near you!

"In the United States of America, you should not be forced into bankruptcy for being diagnosed with cancer.

The right thing to do. Democrats will do it. So proud to be a member of the Common Sense Party.

Working America President Bill Clinton understands what too many politicians don't: raising the minimum wage is good for all of us. Text RAISE to 30644 to join our fight to raise the wage.