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plane wreck in a meadow

Remnants of a Japanese Mitsubishi Zero Fighter from The Mariana Islands, Pagan Island. Photo by Prizmcluster. ethan_kahn: “The Mitsubishi Zero was a long-range fighter aircraft,.

A Grumman F6F-5 (s/n 71441) found at Yokosuka Naval Air Base near Toyko. The aircraft was flown by Charles V. AUGUST of VF-44 (USS Langley) when he was shot down and crash landed on Formosa. He became a POW of the Japanese on 4 January 1945. It was the second time that he had been shot down and made a POW, the first being as a POW of the Vichy French on 11 August 1942

lex-for-lexington: “Grumman Hellcat fighter found at Yokosuka, Japan. The Hellcat crashed landed on Formosa on 4 January 1945 and was captured by Japanese forces.

Aichi-H9A Flying Boat

Allied servicemen work on a captured Japanese Aichi flying boat circa 1943

Post-war photograph of a Japanese airfield, showing a captured P-40 Warhawk along with some Japanese aircraft. Note US roundel showing through the Hinomaru.

A rare colour photograph of a Japanese airfield near Tokyo after VJ Day shows a captured Warhawk along with other Japanese types. The USAAF star roundel can still be seen beneath the Hinomaru red roundel of the Japanese Imperial Army. Photo: James G.

japanese army pilots preparing to use their Kawasaki Ki-61 fighters (japan 1945) -P in it by GUSTAVO BUESO-JACQUIER

japanese army pilots preparing to use their Kawasaki fighters (japan ki 61 pilots

Battle damaged Navy F4U Corsair

Lt Johnson, USMC, points to damaged rudder Corsairs encounter with the Japs over Russel Island.


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Japanese seaplane pilots and two natives in front of a Mitsubishi F1M Reconnaissance float plane (Rabaul 1942)

reconnaissance aircraft, Japanese Navy pilots, and natives, Rabak island…

He Stumbled Across This Place And Luckily Someone Was Outside | Pictures Of Abandoned War Airplanes

The Past Of These 15 Abandoned Airplanes Represent A Haunting Tragedy

Hidden amid the foliage and scrap metal, abandoned fleet of WWII fighter planes lie rotting in the backwoods of Ohio Planes were lovingly.