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I am not going to say another word on that. But you might want to read my mind on this one. TRUST ME on this one! Everything has a time limit.


No worries i just like the song.Worry is a misuse of the imagination ~ Dan Zadra.

Today I am excited about everything

Wake up everyday excited about life! Every day you wake up is a blessing, someone out there smiles because of you.

You either lift up or tear down

What you tell yourself everyday will either lift you up or tear you down. Very true! Choose to think positive!

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Beleive in yourself. I have always wanted a tattoo that simply said "BE". Think about it that word can be so strong and inspiring.

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Surely I've pinned every Tolkien quote a million times, but I refuse to stop.

"The price of anything js the amount of life you exchange for it." ~Henry David Thoreau

he price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it. Earn money quick on Opinion Outpost

Speak kind words often

Be mindful of what you say to children. Harsh criticism, careless words, and unfair judgments all damage children to a far greater degree than most adults realize. I cringe whenever I heard parents called their kids stupid.

be the best you can be

No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up, and never give up. Never give up because I believe In you.

You are not born a winner; you are not born a loser. You are born a chooser.