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A well traveled woman : Photo

A well traveled woman : Photo

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mountains and nature image

Mountains and nature image


Fall in the Wasatch, photo by Jordan Ison.

Iron mine bay in east Sooke. You can look off the edge of the earth here

Iron Mine Bay by Tyler Forest Hauser

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How many acres how much light Tucked in the woods and out of sight Talk to the neighbours and tip my cap On a little road barely on the map

The mountains | The North Realm

The mountains | The North Realm

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Monday Mornings with

fog and mist... #LandscapeForest

fog and mist ↟ paysage montagne brume foret de sapins landscape mountain firs

Baja'i Saying

oh the walks, the fresh air, the beautiful nature! And yes this is Switzerland :) Unbelievable, I want to go up to the top!


the good ol outdoors

Mountain /

OH GOD! That shows you don& need to die to arrive at paradise doors

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Misty morning or wood fire ?

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Alas, this is a place I've never been: Mountainscape of the Rongme Ngatra Ri in Tibet