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{make it rain} giant cross stitch + painted vintage credenza Jayson Jane Roland - I don't know about the "make it rain" so much, but I adore the idea of giant cross stitch!

Rainbow Cross stitch: Giant Rainbow Skull

Rainbow Cross stitch: Giant Rainbow Skull *That would be an interesting quilt! Not really into skulls anymore, though.

Wood Art on Studio 5! Party on!

Cross-Stitch Painting DIY (Seems like a lot of work, but so cool. Not a fan of the trophy deer head look, so would do something else)

Avengers Cross-Stitch Pattern for FREE! Check out the Freebies section for more from (You must checkout with free item in cart to get download.)

Love his Avengers Cross-Stitch Pattern FREEBIE on Kitschy Digitals. this may have to make an appearance on lewis' quilt ;

The North Elevation: Classic Spaces: Finn Juhls House

Pick up a mid-century style dresser or desk from a garage sale or thrift store, choose your favourite color palette, and paint each drawer a different shade in that palette. Leave the wood frame as is like the piece above or paint it white.

I don't know if I love cross stitch enough to do something like this, but it's awesome and I'm sure it would translate well to dots or squares.

For inspiration: Painted cross-stitch on walls. You could project a regular cross stitch pattern on the wall, use colored pencils lightly to mark the colors in the design, and then just paint over them using acryic paint. Just gorgeous!

Instead of ordering new curtains or blinds, take a second look at the vinyl roller shades already hanging in your window. For just a little bit of money, you can embellish those budget basics into something that looks a little more custom and expensive.

25+ Cheap Makeover Ideas for Basic Vinyl Roller Shades

large cross stitch on roller shade, so simple and great looking love love love, I have some shades exactly this color, cross stitch here we come!

IKEA Hackers: The very very long Fauxdenza | Home: Furniture

DIY - Hanging 10 foot Credenza using IKEA wall units + wood ---- need to purchase a suspension rail

7 Creative Ways to Transform Boring Furniture

7 Creative Ways to Transform Boring Furniture

I should rename this board things I want @Daeci Carr to make me! These are awesome!:

How beautiful are these geometric mosaic-style animal embroidery hoop designs! Perfect craft for tweens! More - Our Secret Crafts

Cross-stitch wall art anchor

NOW AND THEN: Cross Stitch

Cross-stitched designs

Stitch That Skull

Looking for a new way to use canvas? How about cross stitch! I love this idea for some fun Halloween home decor. Check it out over at Decor Hacks — Halloween Cross Stitch Canvases.