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We have compiled a number of photos giving you ideas on how to make your indoor plants look better. Not to forget the effectiveness of saving space in your home and money from your pockets. You can…

‘BenettiMOSS’, by Benetti stone indoor moisture levels and cleanses the air of interiors. The lichen is extremely robust, requiring no irrigation, maintenance or even natural light to thrive.

See How People Are Using Moss To Bring A Touch Of Nature Indoors

Natural Dried Reindeer Moss By Polarmoss comes in various forms to make decorating easy

Купить стабилизированный мох оптом и в розницу

The flat moss wall is versatile, livens up bedrooms and dining areas and transforms dreary conference spaces.When this wall is around, it?re not on a densely planted, lusciously soft clearing in the Nordic tundra.

Офис компании Evernote в Клифорнии

Офис компании Evernote в Клифорнии

Evernote Offices: "They covered one lobby wall with water-conserving plants that are low maintenance and create a focal point without cluttering the space design office interior design house design design and decoration

modular indoor & outdoor green wall - Karoo Brilliant for herbs!

Interesting for plants, great for an art piece. modular indoor & outdoor green wall - Karoo Brilliant for herbs!

Amazing green walls

Amazing green walls