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Hippos and oxpeckers have a symbiotic relationship, but this baby hippo doesn't know it yet and is very alarmed by the birds landing on his back!

A baby hawk by Niki Odolphie on 500px

Mells Daffodil Festival 2010 there were various demonstrations and animal handling including birds of prey

how beautiful are these creatures!

Hoof & Horns - Photo by Trevor Nicholls, S, bison, black and white fine art photography


I see 6 zebras all in a row. Zebras in Masai Mara - Kenya © Eric Lafforgue

Surfing wing style - Really, this is amazing!!!!

Why fly when you can surf? This is without doubt, the coolest duck in the history of our planet. Now I want a surfing pet duck!

Croc’s Jaws – Photo and caption by Carlos Suarez

National Geographic Award Winning Pictures - cool photo of a gator, but REALLY creepy!

Love those Bones

Beautiful in life and in death. the photographer said she took the picture in summer 2010 in Colorado right outside of a friend's cabin.