Brain Injury Survivor Bill Of Rights I have the right to take care of myself.This is not an act of being is my reality. I have the right to seek help & support from others.I recognize the limits of my endurance & strength. I have the right to rest when I need to without anyone judging me or making me feel guilty. I have the right to get angry,depressed & express my frustrations or difficult feelings I may be having. I have the right to reject manipulation by...

Brain Injury Survivor Bill Of Rights - this actually counts for any kind of health issue. Take care of your health first, others will either be supportive or move on.

Every dam day with chronic pain and fibromyalgia

Diagnosed with 3 different kinds of migraine including chronic migraine as well as excessive daytime sleepiness (it's actually a thing), chronic insomnia and cervicalgia (neck pain which can worsen migraine)

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kept me waiting 45 min and then cut my appointment time in half uck you with a big fat F in front of that!

This goes out to all the CareGivers may it be Husbands wives or children etc. What you do does NOT go unnoticed and we thank you! <3

For my amazing husband.& my fantastic kids.And for my crazy,mental SPECIAL friends.


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There are many symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome. If you suspect that you may be suffering from this disabling disease, it is important that you seek the