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Train your mind- Life quotes

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When negative thoughts enter your mind say "cancel" repeatedly until your mind goes blank. Then begin thinking an empowering thought. Have a go to or to consistently use.

my problem.Wise Words Of Wisdom, Inspiration & Motivation

I fall. I rise. I make mistakes. I live. I learn. I've been hurt but I'm alive. I'm human. I'm not perfect, but I am thankful. THANK YOU GOD❤

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You don't need validation

Service Unavailable When you depend on people to build you up they'll have the same power to break you down. You don't need validation to know your worth.


Lets remember this. All the beautiful clothes and all the gorgeous makeup in the world cannot change an ugly heart nor will it outdo a beautiful heart. Be beautiful in what you do and say stay lovely girlies :)

"love yourself as much as you want to be loved" ❤

Everyone wants to be loved who doesn't? but before you can really love someone else you must first love yourself!The truth! you will never love someone else.if you do not love yourself.LOVE YOURSELF AS MUCH AS YOU WANT TO BE LOVED!

Learning to do this. I spent too much of my life staying in my comfort zone and waiting for my dreams to come true. It& time to go and pursue those dreams!