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Virgil Finlay

Virgil Finlay, Time Pawn by Philip K.

Virgil Finley illustrations for A Planet Named Shayol by Cordwainer Smith. Galaxy Magazine,  October 1961

Virgil Finley, Half-illustration for A Planet Named Shayol by Cordwainer Smith.

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Bug eyed monster by Caza (Philippe Cazaumayou)

Perhaps the first derp illustration ever done.. Virgil Finlay

Art by Virgil Finlay. In absolute darkness we brooded on the origin and the destiny of the galaxies, and on the appalling contrast between the cosmos and our minute home-lives to which we longed to return

by Virgil Finlay

Drawing by Virgil Finlay

Virgil Finlay was an American pulp fantasy, science fiction and horror illustrator. While he worked in a range of media, from gouache to oils, Finlay speci

Virgil Finlay by Thomas Shahan 3, via Flickr

Virgil Finlay, Morning Star by H. Rider Haggard from the collection Finlay’s Femmes.

Virgil Finlay, Daemon by C.L. Moore, Famous Fantastic Mysteries 46-10. Usually the illustration is inspired by the story, but in this case the Finlay illustration came first and the story was created to fit it.

The Illustration Exchange - The Collection of Robert Weinberg/Daemon by Virgil Finlay

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Virgil Finlay

the-october-country: Lawrance Sterne Stevens, Virgil Finlay illustrated ‘The Homecoming’ by Ray Bradbury for Famous Fantastic Mysteries in December