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"Beautiful things happen in the dark when the sun goes to sleep when the stars give light kisses when the moon is a spotlight life stays beautiful even when you are covered in darkness.

Utterly spectacular. Beyond beautiful. I love this. Ahh, only in dreams and the vividness of unreality and all that is surreal :) <3

GARY TONGE Earth& Sky in 5 billion years when Andromeda closes in on the Milky Way Galaxy as the Collision begins.

I thought this picture was pretty nice, but then I clicked on it, and it's animated! Blew me away. Very cool.


Glamorous Digital Art Portraits created by Elena Dudina in the technique of digital painting fascinated with photo manipulation.


gif Black and White trees edit water dark nature forest waterfall Woods gothic frame powerful

Dream in the enchanted night woman standing on cliffs edge blue night sky, light

what if Thalia starts sleepwalking? Right to the edge of a cliff.<< pfft i love the way you that.

Detrás de un no creo el amor - existe un me enamoré y me rompieron el corazón.

It may be hard to understand me and the way I am but I am me and spending your time wanting to be some one else will take away from being you "hard to understand self"

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i love dogs way more than cats. Medium - small dogs are best