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i just met you and this is crazy take my hand and run like crazy - Doctor Who Run!

That and he had held back the regeneration energy for so long it built up and just exploded

Nine loved Rose so much that he was able to control his regeneration and protect her. <- There goes the remains of my heart.<<< *is already dead from the other post*

i love how greatly they explained this

Clara Oswin Oswald: The Impossible Girl. She was born to save The Doctor. "Run you clever boy, and remember me!"(see thats the thing, everyone says its run you clever boy, and remember.

The Doctors Dance! (Except 12 who just hates everyone...)

The Doctors Dance! (Except 12 who just hates everyone.) Doctor Who Dance Evolution

I didn't really like the 12 doctor much not because of his age or look just because I did not see his loveable side but then when I saw this I was like I love you you will never be Matt smith but you are ok let's see how this goes

I loved this moment. Even though its also heartbreaking. I swear, if we could just love people the way the doctor loves Clara, completely unconditionally, maybe the work would be a better place

Silver Dalek Ear Flap Hat. $36.00, via Etsy. Yes.

Nerdy Needles Knitting makes many great knitted Dalek hats in a variety of colors. It's certainly going to keep you warm because if Jack Frost starts bugging you, your hat will just exterminate him.Link Via Fashionably Geek.

SPOILERS BE IN THE FINE PRINT. Although if you clicked on this one, you probably don't need a warning...

Doctor Who Madness…

Dr who in a nut shell. This is what happens to your life when time travel is an everyday occurrence. "Time travel, when never meet in the right order."<<< never apply logic to doctor who

Well if the homework was to draw lines on your arm then I did it. Wait why are there more. The. Silence. Are. Upon. Us.

I don't watch Dr. Who, substitute GLEE! Shu can be saying, "Seriously guys." ANOTHER reason I DON'T give homework. When is the rest of the world going to get on board?<<<<actually, it's DOCTOR WHO. not Dr.

A love with no time and space - Amy and Rory

Why We Love Doctor Who: Rory is seriously my favorite.

True...just plain and simple...true...and guess what...they're actually the same species.

Doctor Who Day 21 Favorite Couple- Rory and Amy. Still a better love story than Twilight ;) (Then again, pretty much anything is a better love story than Twilight)