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Skull from an old school lady - with rose, feather and some necklaces.The only thing that could make this better is if it was on a womans face who has sugar skull makeup.

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Abstract Floral Skull Butterfly Tattoo on Shoulder for Girl – The Unique DIY Shoulder Tattoos which makes your home more personality. Collect all DIY Shoulder Tattoos ideas on to Personalize yourselves.

Awesome moon tattoo

Awesome moon tattoo

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in mexico, my grandmother had around birds, their cages lined the walls of the court yard, she would sing and greet them every morning. hopefully i cant get something this beautiful

anchor tattoo idea

Anchor in all black, rope in ivory, and a red rose. Maybe make the roses a little bigger

Creative Skull Tattoo #dark #ink #flowers

done by Gene Coffey at Tattoo Culture in Williamsburg I'm liking this skull and flower combo.

bow locket tattoo - Google Search

Celebrate Femininity With 50 Of The Most Beautiful Lace Tattoos You’ve Ever Seen

Hear No See Speak Evil Skulls And Roses Drew As A Present For

Hear no, see no, speak no evil skulls and roses. Drew as a present for my other half. insta - abigaillouisetattoo my back piece some day

My wedding flowers. Maybe use this for a cover up on my foot. Star gazer lilies are my favorite flower. This would be awesome in whites and pinks.


I want a skull in the tattoo to incorporate my love for Halloween and to symbolize my husband. Love the idea of having sugar skull details and flowers to feminize it.