Hairy hair fun

More og thiese two ovo, just a colored sketch though :I I imagine Eugine like a really silly-fun guy, don't you? Eugine and Rapunzel © Tangled, Disney Hairy hair fun

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The first Cinderella picture looks like Charlotte from Princess and the Frog

Just a reminder that Disney actually did this. | I never saw this before, I'M DYING

Tangled: "Smolder" By Flynn. I had no idea this was an actual video the Disney Animators made! This is hilarious!

Intetesting Fact

Disneyland Secret # If touch the brass apple that is at the enttrance to the Snow White Ride there will be a loud clap of thunder and the witch will cackle with laughter!OOOOOOO MUST GO TO DISNEYLAND

This is Virginia and she has plant powers. She is 14 and loves nature. Please adopt. Adopted by @ginny pennings

This is Emma. She is 18 years old. Her birthday is July She has healing powers. (Adopted by Christine (Rp: Melody) Higgs (Rp: Frost))

Villains have all the fun. Think we know your FAVORITE Disney baddie?

Can We Guess Your Favorite Disney Villain?

Geocaching Humor Keychain - said that more times than I can count!

Geocaching Humor Keychain - dad said that more times than I can count!