"Hi I'm finch. I'm 18 and single. I major in graphic design! I'm bisexual, I love art and skateboarding"

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Crystal Evergrace (Alexandra Catherine Axelina)

Bleach it with our Flashlightning 40 Volume Bleach Kit, then apply Manic Panic Virgin Snow Toner for a silvery white effect. Wahaha now going to use manic panic for silver/ white hair 👌

I can't help it! She's just too perfect. x

I just love her hair. But honestly where I live people don't know how to cut this hair correctly.

tumblr_mpma8qow8p1r4c4axo1_500.jpg (500×750)

::Alexandra Catherine Axelina:: "Hey, I'm Carter. I like to eat Nutella and sleep, as well as model.

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Pink hair and heart freckles. A nice idea for a photo!

I've seen a lot of these cage harnesses associated with newer goth styles, which convinces me that the innovators are all young and small of boob. Ima just sit in the back with all the aging, corset-wearing Batcavers.