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(90) Fancy

lol If Josh Hutcherson would wear that shirt, I wouldn't stop blinking for the rest of my life!

"Outfit" by mercuriopartyof3 on Polyvore

Poplar Branches Print Skirt In Black - love this print and the ribbon, but the waist is a bit odd


I Prefer The Term Intellectual Bad Ass.i want this shirt so bad.

Aint Nobody Got Time for That, funny bold - Unisex Bold Tee Shirt (chase rice)

Sweet Brown Aint Nobody Got Time For That! Ladies Junior Fit V-neck T-shirt (Black X-Large) .

Kristen Wigg!

Kristen Wiig: Best Saturday Night Live Characters and Impressions: Target Lady

Fans of NCIS know that Gibbs doesn't tolerate stupid people. This funny shirt says: Warning - Stupidity Punishable by Gibbs Slaps. #NCIS #Gibbs

NCIS Warning: Stupidity Punishable by Gibbs Slaps : Thought Provoking Shirts and More Store

I'm pretty sure anyone who has played a sport can relate. Which is suited to me perfectly because in softball you have to give high fives to people and say good game. And I'm like, yeah... No. Especially if my team lost, which is 10x worse LOL

I'm pretty sure anyone who has played a sport can relate. I need this shirt being a basketball and volleyball player