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TVD R.I.P. Lexi one of the best vampires ever! Stefan's face when he looks at the seat, broke my heart! pic # 1: Lexi: I know you think I'm joking, but you are leaving. # 4: Lexi: And she will always be an epic love.

I don't like Stefan, with a burning passion, but I loved Lexi and the Stefan she brought out. She, Alaric, and Bonnie dying made me so horrible sad.

tvd 6x08 "there's a lot of words in the English language and Bonnie knows just about all of them" why do I find that line so incredible funny lol

Bonnie has to know all the words in the English language bc she had to make up spells, otherwise if she didn't then Bonnie could be saying toaster over and over again to turn invisible or aomething.


Salvatore Bothers - Damon Salvatore x Stefan Salvatore - Ian Somerhalder x Paul Wesley

S5 Ep22 "Home" - Bonnie and Lexi

"Home" - Bonnie and Lexi RIP Lexi - you will be loved and missed forever ♥♥

the vampire diaries, tvd, and lexi branson image

Wallpaper and background photos of lexi for fans of The Vampire Diaries TV Show images.

TVD Season Finale- Stefan broke my heart.

TVD Season Finale- Stefan breaks my heart.

Petrova Doppelgangers

Elena Katherine Amara and Qetsiyah - one of my favourite scenes from TVD ever